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Hello and welcome –

thank you for your interest in Stiftelsen Hydroparken Barnehage! 


Below you will find a short summary that aims to provide general details and insight into day to day life within our small and welcoming kindergarten, located close to Solli-plass in “Frogner” Bydel. 

We are a privately run barnehage made up of 10 staff members and 36 children (split in 3 groups, with 3 staff members per group).


These are:

- 'Villekulla', our youngest group - comprising of 9 children (ages 9 months to 2 years)

- 'Nøtteliten', our middle group - comprising of 9 children (ages from 1 to 2 years)

- 'Kråkeslottet', our eldest group - comprising of 18 children (ages 3 to 6 years)  

We hold the vision to be “the little kindergarten (barnehage) with the big heart

and view the barnehage as one unit. Although a child will be in a set group, we encourage an open door between the groups, often mixing together in the morning before breakfast, and in the afternoon after snack time (Unfortunately, this is not the case during Covid-19 restrictions, however we look forward to the time when this is once again our normal routine)  

This not only allows for the children to feel comfortable in their surroundings and familiar with all the barnehage staff members, it also allows our many siblings the opportunity to play together during the day, if they wish.

We believe children thrive best when they can learn naturally while in a cozy and safe environment. We also believe nature can bring out the best curiosity in children, and they find this in the outside area surrounding the barnehage. The children and adults alike take great pride in nurturing the vegetable garden and flower patch. The children also enjoy playing under and around several large trees and taking many journeys in the stationary wooden truck (both as driver and passenger).


The new climbing frame is a wonderful area for the children to practice their coordination skills, as well as spending many hours and days in imaginative play.   

Throughout the year we have projects where the children get to explore and learn about different topics and widen their perspectives.

We have staff and families that come from all over the world - so it is not unusual to hear children playing in languages other than Norwegian (for example English and French).

Our normal opening times are from 0745 to 1700 (Monday – Friday).

The children are served warm food 4 times a week (the exception is Friday, which is tour day, where we find the children enjoy a 'picnic' with a packed lunch from home while on tour this day).


The aim with these tours is to explore the world outside the barnehage - and covers various locations within the Frogner area, and sometimes further afield to Ekebergparken or one of the many museums that can be found at our doorstep here in Oslo.

As with all other kindergartens in Norway (both private and public), we are following the FRAMEWORK PLAN FOR KINDERGARTENS which you can find here

Please note, although we are a private barnehage, we are part of the general ''Barnehage opptak'' placement that occurs after Mar 1st, so should you wish to apply for a placement, please make sure you select ''Stiftelsen Hydroparken Barnehage'' as one of your choices.

Should you have any questions regarding the barnehage or wish

to take a small tour of the facilities, please contact our leader,

Søren (in Norwegian, English, German).


 fargerik Bird
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